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meet the babes


Denise is a rare Angeleno native, and a graduate of UCLA, who has had a successful advertising writing career. Her Latino relatives are descendants of Magellan, and Denise inherited the travel bug, often writing stories with an international flair. So far in her screenwriting career she’s sold a live action short to Disney, had her first feature produced in 2017 by Uniglobe Entertainment, 5 Weddings, which co-stars Bo Derek and will premier in 2018. She had a horror short produced by Raving Eejit Entertainment, has had another short, Things Look Grim, produced by Sasha Golberg. She’s currently writing and co-producing a WW2 movie with Academy Award producer Kim Magnuson and Neil Machlis. Her blog that helps newbie screenwriters understand the business, screenwriterwriting.blogspot, was named Website of the Week by Script Magazine. Her scripts have placed in Final Draft Big Break, Fade-In Screenwriting and the Nicholl Fellowship and her monologue script won 2nd place in Tentsquare’s challenge.

Caroline Klimczuk

Caroline has been a storyteller ever since she can remember. Her preference for fiction over reality led her to develop something of a reputation as a childhood pathological liar, while her four citizenships gave her something of an early identity crisis. She began writing prose in high school and discovered her love of screenwriting at the age of 20, when she discovered the medium that combined her two all-consuming passions — writing and film/TV. After attending university in Scotland, she embarked on a screenwriting program at Vancouver Film School. Upon graduating, she immediately set off for LA and hasn’t looked back since. She writes both features and pilots, particularly crime, horror and anything queer-themed.

K.K. O'Brien

K.K. began writing when she was about five years old, composing plays for her siblings and friends to perform in front of their unfortunate parents. After studying English and traveling to far-flung places, she now writes one-hour dramas that shed light on a new angle of history, revealing a perspective that hasn't been shown before. These stories transport her audience into another time and place, featuring characters whose seemingly personal actions have historic consequences. Her first script, a biopic about Lewis Carroll, was read in full by the BBC Writersroom, a feat accomplished by less than 10% of scripts submitted. Her TV scripts have advanced in Final Draft's Big Break competition, the Austin Film Festival, and the Creative World Awards.

Lena Parodi

Lena has been telling stories since she was three years old and fresh off of the plane from Italy. She would sit at the edge of her condominium’s pool and weave yarns off the top of her head to the captive audience of her parents and the video camera they used to document most of her childhood. Or, as they like to say, great blackmail material. She eventually ended up in the Silicon Valley, where after high school she was accepted to New York University and started learning how to mold her passions  (reading, writing, and watching movies/TV) into a job. During college, she interned at Cinequest Film Festival, where she wrote short films for their Picture the Possibilities (PTP) program, a platform that brought together underprivileged kids all over the USA by creating short films alongside mentors. Her collaboration with them is ongoing. After graduation, she moved to LA, where she worked for a year as an editor for Korean web-comics and interned in various other places, such as Beau Willimon’s Westward Productions. She now works as an assistant at Ignition Films and C4 Media and continues to write in every medium in three languages.​

Sarah Ruttinger

Sarah is a feminist writer living in Los Angeles. Born in small town Kentucky, she wrote her first book (about the love lives of elementary schoolers) in 5th grade and her first screenplay (for a soap opera called Fruitcake) in 8th grade. While studying film at college in upstate New York, she learned about the importance of intersectional feminism and that has been a major tenant of her work and belief system ever since. Since moving to L.A. nine years ago, she has parlayed her life-long love of storytelling into a career in costuming, where she has worked in various award-winning costume departments on such shows as Glee and Modern Family. She writes both comedy and drama TV and feature scripts, but the core behind all her work is a focus on independent girls and women living outside society’s norms.

Meggie Spellman

Meggie started her writing career at the Dramatic Writing BFA program at SUNY Purchase's Conservatory for Theater Arts and Film. After graduating, she started taking improv and sketch classes at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater in NYC. Since 2013, she has written for the UCB Theater’s sketch comedy night on their house Maude teams. She has also written and produced her own comedy variety show in various NYC theaters as part of the sketch duo Black Magic Lab. Her comedy writing also includes past work as a contributor to the Funny or Die NewsFlash App, where she wrote jokes about today’s top stories. Her comedy articles have been featured on the female news satire blog Reductress and Funny or Die.  Her work can be found on

Megan J. Wilson

Megan wrote her first play (a modern and irreverent take on the Three Little Pigs) at age 10. She chooses to believe the laughter from the audience was at the jokes, not at the effort. After fleeing the suburbs of Seattle for the golden promise of acting school in New York City, Megan soon discovered she was in fact, a writer, not an actor. She left NYU to work as a writers assistant for a couple of CBS shows, and then moved to Los Angeles, where she wrote and produced the critically acclaimed six-episode web series The Sanctum.  Megan was a finalist in the Jameson First Shot competition, and wrote and directed several short films (Mine, Wolf Peak, Womp & Circumstance, Breaking Upwards (still in post), all while churning out screenplays and pilots and holding down a day job as a paralegal. In 2015, she helped found the Hollywood Guerrilla Film Club, which now has over 2,000 members. Through the club, she wrote, directed or recorded sound on several films. Her pilot FBI High, about a young FBI agent who goes undercover in an American high school to discover the identity of an al Queda recruiter, is currently being considered for development.



In the last two years alone Lily has won the ISA Fast Track Fellowship, the Vancouver Women in Film Festival Best Screenplay, and advanced in the Nicholl Fellowship, the Austin Film Festival, CineStory TV Fellowship, and the Creative World Awards, culminating in the ISA choosing her as one of the “Top 25 Writers to watch in 2018."   Prior to this she spent two years in graduate school, obtaining an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU/Tisch, where upon graduation she received the Charles Pupura Award for excellence. Currently she has projects under consideration at three production companies, and still manages to work as a script reader, giving analysis for new film and TV projects. Yet out of her many accomplishments she claims founding and giving voice to the Bechdel Babes Writing Partners remains one of her proudest achievements.  Read more at