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After years of actively seeking a writers group that encouraged female voices, with a format that allowed writers to workshop multiple pages on a regular basis, Lily Mercer had just about given up.  She tried doing readings of her work in her home with invited guests, but wanted something more structured.  So...


But who is Lily Mercer?



          Lily began life as a dichotomy.  Her father was one of twelve children from an impoverished family in Kentucky.  He went on to become a State Representative, so as a result, Lily grew up a cross between Honey Boo-Boo and Kate Middleton. One week she would be visiting her cousins and using the outhouse; the next week she would be eating in a five star hotel and meeting the governor. Her world view broadened further when she was chosen to be a Goodwill Ambassador for Youth, the youngest in the group at the age of sixteen, and spent a summer touring Europe.

           Her childhood instilled in her a fascination with the world, and the diversity of people, which turned into a passion for acting. She moved to New York and attended the prestigious Playwrights Horizons Theatre School. After completing the program she worked extensively as an actor and director for fifteen years, then began to teach. While working as an adjunct professor in Arizona, she founded a small theatre in Sedona, the Actors Repertory Theatre of Sedona (the A.R.T.S.).  At the A.R.T.S. Lily developed ground-breaking programs including the New Growth Play Series for emerging playwrights, and the A.R.T.S. Academy, for professional training. Ultimately Lily embraced her love of writing, and applied to the NYU/Tisch Department of Dramatic Writing. In 2012 she received an MFA with a concentration in film, and won the Charles Pupura Award for overall excellence in writing.

           After moving to Los Angeles Lily embraced her new career. Since 2016 she has won the ISA Fast Track Fellowship, the Vancouver Women in Film Festival Best Screenplay, and advanced in the Nicholl Fellowship, the Austin Film Festival, CineStory TV Fellowship, and the Creative World Awards, to name a few. Her success garnered her the honor of being named as one of the “Top 25 Writers to Watch in 2018” by the ISA (the International Screenwriters Association). 

           Current projects include a new pilot about Pocahontas entitled POCAHONTAS: The Other Story, as well as THE BIG BLIND, another new pilot about a hotshot female poker player.   Meanwhile, Lily continues to develop a TV series entitled LOST WOMEN OF AMERICAN HISTORY.  However, out of her many accomplishments, Lily claims giving voice to the Bechdel Babes Writing Partners, remains one of her proudest achievements.